Painting Grout Lines and Free Kittens!

November 13, 2016 0 Comments

What does painting grout lines have to do with free kittens? Absolutely nothing, but since you are here anyway, you might as well take a couple minutes to read about painting grout lines, because I am seeing it more and more.

Recently, I have been cleaning a lot of tile & grout where someone has gone before me and painted the grout lines.  Often this results in some of the paint coming up during the cleaning process. This has led to several conversations from customers about my thoughts on painting grout lines.

So, the question is, do I think painting your grout is a good idea?  Unfortunately, my answer is, “Maybe”.  Painting grout lines is one of the easiest ways to change grout and the overall appearance of your tile floors in a room.  When done properly, it can add years to your grout.

Many people want to paint over grout lines because their grout is dirty or stained and they are not sure how to restore them. So, they go out and buy some paint and cover up the stains, problem-solved, right?  No.

First and foremost, like any home-improvement project, you must be equipped with the right tools for the job. You also need to spend time making sure you prepare properly.  Preparation is key.

Finding the right products is also extremely important.

Last, but not least, make sure you understand everything involved before you start the project…again, preparation.

I am going to give a quick list of dues and don'ts for painting grout lines in hopes that you may be more successful with your projects than others that I come across on a regular basis.

Let's start with the Don'ts:

  • Don't buy just any paint and think it will stick to the very porous and very concrete substance that is grout.

    • There are specific products out there made for grout and or concrete

  • Don't paint over grout that has not been professionally cleaned.

    • You must break down the oils, fats and grease that are deep down in the grout lines. Painting over these dirty surfaces will only ensure that the paint will not stick over the long haul. Especially in high traffic areas.

  • Don't be in a hurry when painting your grout lines.

    • The reason why recoloring your grout lines are an expensive professional service, is because it takes time in order to do it properly. One of the biggest issues we see on a regular basis is paint being applied inconsistently. This causes differences in the paint thickness, which can result in peeling and differences and wearability.

With these three basic understandings you can successfully change the color of your grout lines.

Let's move onto the Do’s: 

  • Do use the right product for the job.

    • As mentioned earlier there are products available that are specifically designed to paint on new color for grout and concrete. I personally always recommend color seal in lieu of paint, which permanently changes the color of the grout. I will talk more about color sealing in a future blog.

  • Do have your grout professionally cleaned prior to painting your grout lines.

    • As mentioned before this is one way to ensure your paint will adhere properly and last for years to come.

  • Do make sure your grout has not been sealed before you paint the grout lines.

    • Sealed grout creates a barrier to protect elements from penetrating into the most porous grout. If the paint cannot penetrate the grout it will not stay.

These are just a few quick Do’s & Don’ts, if you were considering painting your grout lines. As mentioned before I personally only recommend color sealing. I have sealants to permanently change the color and enhance any room. Please consider discussing this project with a professional before you begin!

There are many articles online about how to paint grout lines, most of which have been written by product pushers that are more concerned with you buying their product, than you being happy with the final result of your project.

Remember just because a product is available online does not mean it is a good idea for everybody to try it.  After all, I can buy a new engine online for my vehicle, but that does not give me the experience or the skills required to install it!

Blessings to all!

The Got Grout Guy

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